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Drei Gemsen Mallnitz Austria Apartment
3 Gemsen Apartments is part of the oldest buildings in Mallnitz, dating back to the time of the transmountain trading, which has been very popular during the 12th and 13th centuries. The house served as shelter for the night, when the weather conditions  More... Supplier Icon
Edelweiss Pension Mallnitz Austria Guesthouse
Edelweiss Pension emphasize relaxation and enjoyment. The hotel combines the amenities of a modern hotel with traditional values. The building that dates back to the 18th century was completely renovated in 2010, but preserved it's typical rustic style. T  More... Supplier Icon
Hotel Bichlhof Mallnitz Austria Guesthouse
Bichlhof is a hotel that dates back to the founding of the resort Mallnitz. It was built during the era of the european railway construction in the early twentieth century for the 'Jet Set' of the 'Rolling Twenties.' In the early '70s, the hotel becomes a  More... Supplier Icon
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